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How Can Chat GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) be used in Treatment and Medication Adherence?

Chat GPT or Generative artificial intelligence (AI) may transform the human cognitive process.

This form of AI can converse with humans. AI  capabilities/tools are being built that can detect and measure more subjective human emotions called sentiment analysis:  the sentiment analysis tool can assist in determining if conversations are positive, negative or neutral.  Some of these AI tools can  evaluate words and context to score conversations and others include voice, pitch, tone and cadence.

The Health Belief Theory (HBT) is one of the leading behavioral change theoretical models that addresses the barriers patients face regarding treatment self-management and medication adherence.

AI technology is already being used to integrate evidence-based behavioral science techniques to assist in better understanding a patient’s health beliefs and to provide tailored  information based on a patients unique adherence needs.

Generative AI used in adherence programs can evaluate and address an individual  patient’s acceptance level and commitment to managing his/her condition and to improving their medication taking behavior.

The key to the success of Generative AI in effectively improving treatment and medication adherence will be integrating  human emotion sentiment analysis with proven behavioral science models such as HBT.

Imagine the possibilities for improving treatment and medication adherence using AI when a patient feels that someone (AI) is actually listening to them; rapport and trust is established; there is an understanding of each patient’s unique health values, beliefs and needs;  and,  the AI conversation addresses these unique needs and builds a patient’s confidence that he/she can overcome their health challenges.