Every person with Asthma has a unique story…Millions of people suffer from asthma,but there is no one person like you.

Our Technology Provider Network designed an Asthma Adherence Program to deliver personalized tools and tailored behavioral strategies that help Asthma patients LIVE WELL.

Program Overview:

The Asthma Tailored Interactive Patient Solution (TIPS) is a behaviorally-based, individually tailored, self-management program for people who have been diagnosed with asthma and are working to control their asthma and their lung inflammation in an effort to improve or maintain their overall lung health.

Program Components:

  • Assessments— The guiding principles behind HealtheLungs® are individual assessments, behavior-based change communications, and personalized interactive behavior-modification action plans—all technology-assisted, non-branded and longitudinal to achieve lung health management and medication Adherence.
  • Multimedia for delivery of content
  • Support Tools
  • Push Tailored Messaging
  • Patient Experience and Outcomes Evaluations—The assessments serve both to tailor program content but also as baseline data tool to be used for outcomes evaluation. We measure patients’ success in:
    • Managing their Asthma
    • Breathing easier
    • Improving medication Adherence

Success Story: HealtheLungs® an interactive, technology-assisted non-branded Asthma patient support program can be launched with health plans, physicians, hospitals, managed care organizations, employers and Pharmaceutical Brand teams along with members of our Technology Provider Network—to provide  positive  clinical and financial results and to build patient skills, self-confidence, rapport and trust.