The Results

“Research findings indicate that programs to improve medication Adherence lead to lower health care use and costs despite drug spending.”1

TIP Health, Improving Treatment and Medication Adherence in America

Effective, validated medication Adherence programs will build patient TRUST and RAPPORT—establishing a competitive advantage for your organization and brand.

In a world of hyper-competition and continuous change, one of the best ways to stand out and differentiate your brand from the competition, is to embrace Adherence programs that are unique, valuable to patients, improve adherence, are validated, and cost- effective.

TIP Health, Improving Treatment and Medication Adherence in America

Our Provider Network’s technology-assisted treatment and medication Adherence support programs are built to provide meaningful outcomes that:

  • Meet patient’s needs across large, highly diverse populations;
  • Improve medication Adherence;
  • Enhance clinical Outcomes;
  • Increase patient engagement;
  • Build patient rapport and satisfaction;
  • Secure a competitive advantage for your brand; and,
  • Provide “the gold standard” that other organizations and brands must achieve.

Outcomes: Strategic, Aligned & Focused


Developing medication Adherence Strategies and programs that deliver real population health results

Technology Provider Network outcomes—scalable, secure, validated, and trusted:

➢ Case Study: Humana Adherence Case Study Coronary Artery DiseaseClick to view/download.
HealtheGoals®: A tailored Cardiovascular solution
HealtheLungs®: A tailored Asthma solution