OUR Story

Marilyn’s Vision

TIPHealth® was founded by Marilyn Standifer Shreve, a clinical pharmacist, who believed that at the heart of our United States healthcare system there must be a relentless effort to improve every American’s health and to sustain their wellness. Treatment/Medication Adherence is an essential factor in achieving this goal.

Providing people with care coordination, support systems and interactive technology tools to help them actively manage their treatment regimens and to improve their medication-taking behavior can save hundreds of billions of dollars in annual health care costs and prevent untold suffering.

We recognize that technology is the medium that will change and support how treatment and medication Adherence is efficiently delivered, effectively managed, measured and rewarded.

Since our founding, TIPHealth® has been designing technology-assisted healthcare solutions (virtual, digital, mobile and social interactive technology) focused on improving patients’ medication Adherence experience and their health outcomes… slowing the growth of health care costs.

1. Our cross-functional teams are composed of fresh-thinking people with new ideas and a capabilities-rich Technology Provider Network.

These unique individuals bring to bear in a seamless fashion the full power of imagination and intellectual engagement:

cross-functional teams, fresh-thinking people, new ideas, capabilities-rich Technology Provider Network, TIP Health

2. We build strong Adherence Alliances with clients and teams through our results-based culture of COMMITMENT, ACCOUNTABILITY COMMUNICATION and TRUST: