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Think HEALTH for a Change®

The Biggest Obstacles To Changing The Standard of Health Care Are The Excuses

Michelangelo had his Pope Julius II, Mozart his Colloredo. But they did not make excuses about the restrictions placed upon them.  They made masterworks that  changed the standards of art and music.

In the US healthcare system, the medicines are complex, and the regulations are stifling but using the complexity of our healthcare system as an excuse to do nothing is not just inexcusable, it’s  inexplicable.

For example, let us take the issue of treatment and medication non-adherence.

While  Americans are being treated in record numbers for a long list of chronic conditions, little is being done to support patients who are not following (non-adherence) their prescribed treatment regimens and their medication therapy—a medical failing that is costing our nation’s healthcare system an estimated 290 billion annually. This amount represents up to 10% of the total US health care costs. This issue has been discussed and studied for over twenty-five years, yet little has been done to improve this problem. If non-adherence were a disease, it would  be classified as an epidemic.

Medication non-adherence is a problem that applies to all chronic conditions; affects all demographic and socio-economic levels; and diminishes the ability to treat diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma, and many other chronic conditions.

It is challenging for people to make healthy choices and the solution requires a tailored approach for each individual.

Our Treatment and Medication Adherence strategies incorporates the following behavioral science principles into each individuals  EVERYDAY LIFE… reminding YOU who you want to be; fostering an alliance; acknowledging barriers; applying social influence; showing you what you could experience as a result of poor self-care; linking your short term efforts with long term gains; explaining why; putting the message where the action is; providing a tailored plan; starting with small requests; personalizing; disentangling emotion; being clear; keeping guidelines simple; presenting the healthy choice as the desirable choice; giving timely feedback visually; and, pointing to tomorrow as a new day.  We THINK BIG!

Using interactive technology to tailor treatment and medication adherence solutions provides patients with real time, relevant interactions.  Using behavioral motivation, encouragement and skill building keeps patients on track with their treatment plan works to improve health outcomes.

So, America, no more excuses… let’s change the standards of health care.  Think Health For a Change and Think Treatment and Medication Adherence For a Change.  Act now—be bold, be fearless, be optimistic, be unstoppable… one day at a time… one success at a time!