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Think HEALTH for a Change®

Having A Social Network of Friends and Family Combined with a Positive Mental Outlook Helps You Heal

Five years ago, I went to the hospital to have a simple right hip replacement—a “piece of cake” I thought.

As a result of a car collision, I had been going to Physical Therapy for a torn labrum of my right hip.  However, although I was physically active, my hip was degenerating and I was experiencing more pain.  It was  time to be proactive; replace the right hip and get on with my very active live.

During the operation, my right femur was fractured. What was going to be a simple operation turned into a major health CHALLENGE overnight.  I soon learned that one of the most painful bones to break is the femur. Your femur is the longest and strongest bone in your body, running from your hip to your knee. Given its importance (the center of our power and strength), it’s not surprising that breaking this femur bone is an  incredibly painful experience.

The failed hip implant and the broken femur bone required a second right hip operation to replace the implant and to secure the femur bone.  After two operations and a week in the hospital, I was sent to a Skilled Nursing Facility.

Terror struck!  I was in unbelievable uncontrolled pain and informed that I could not put any weight on my right leg due to the fracture/broken femur for at least eight weeks.  How would being sedentary except for one hour of Physical Therapy day affect my health?  Can I recover my muscle strength?  What if I can’t ever walk strongly again

Now we are talking about a woman who was physically strong, independent and in the process of launching a health technology company.

While in the Skilled Nursing Facility, which in every way robs you of your dignity, your sense of self and having control over your life and body, I learned the importance of Rethinking Your Health.

I could not move without the aid of a person.  For example, while sitting on the side of the bed, my brain would  send a message to my leg to lift my right leg onto the bed.  Nothing happened. It was as if my leg was paralyzed.  My right leg had to be physically picked up by a person and placed on the bed.

I learned firsthand the power of Thinking Health for A ChangeHealth is Being Grateful …Health is  Being Persistent … Health is Connecting and Health is Being Resilient.

  • Small changes in your outlook/thinking can have a dramatic and lasting effect on your health
  • Persistence is simply not giving up no matter how difficult it can get—keep moving forward
  • Connecting with people who motivate you, inspire you and support you is good for your health and mental outlook
  • You must adapt to life’s misfortunes and setbacks, “roll with the punches” and harness your inner strength to press on with vigor no matter what’

I experienced firsthand what medical studies have shown—a strong support network and excellent, continuous physical therapy combined with a “can-do” positive attitude regardless of the obstacle benefits patients emotionally, mentally and physically.