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What is Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is when a person takes an active role in their own healthcare.  This includes reading, researching symptoms, better understanding an illness (such as diabetes) and better understands different treatment options. Being an engaged patient means you are following your treatment and medication adherence plan and in communication with your healthcare providers.

Patient engagement is a partnership and a team effort involving patients, primary care physicians, pharmacists and other clinicians involved in your care.

 An engaged patient comes to their healthcare provider with questions and ideas and actively participates in creating and following a physician’s treatment plan which is tailored to the patient’s needs. 

Engaged (activated) patients are shown to have better health outcomes than non-engaged patients. This part should not be a surprise, as the measurement of patient activation includes a person’s willingness to follow prescribed healthcare routines. 

The more engaged patients are often shown to benefit their healthcare providers as well. The World Health Organization notes that “Patient engagement is an integral component of healthcare delivery and that feedback obtained through patient engagement plays a critical role improving provider effectiveness.” 

Today is a great day to raise the ceiling and become engaged with your health and your life.