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The Marriage of Human Empathy and AI in Patient Engagement

The Marriage of Human Empathy and AI in Patient Engagement

Never underestimate the power of a good story to engage you and to gain your attention.

While storytelling is powerful on its own, when you combine the story with Artificial Intelligence (AI)   and interactivity,  patient health  engagement  increases. According to Search Engine Watch, storytelling can boost patient engagement in their health by 33 percent.

Cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner once found that the human mind is more likely to remember facts if they are part of a story. Other studies have backed this up.

The  best results are achieved when a story is combined with  AI and behavioral science principles. When AI and behavioral science are integrated,  the message resonates with you because your personal needs are addressed.  Motivational health messages via digital health coaches can be tailored though AI just for you.

Injecting AI personalization and behavioral science into the story ensures that the story becomes your story  because the messages are  extremely personal and relatable to you.

This type of patient-centered program can lead to each of us having engaging, continuous,  actionable and empathetic communications about our health.



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