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One Day At A Time

To make a change in our life and/or develop a new habit “We do this one day at a time in a row.” 

A friend of mine recently came to understand that due to her diabetes, she had to stop eating “sweets—refined sugar”. 

She told me: “My mind is a very funny thing, if I think to myself I can never eat a chocolate cake again, all I want to do is eat candy and cake and ice cream.  I think all kinds of unhelpful things. My recent favorite haunting thought is ‘then I can’t celebrate my son’s wedding by eating some of the wedding cake’.   How ridiculous can I be? He is a baby with no marriage candidate in sight!”

Make the change one day at a time.  You don’t have to stop eating tons of sugar forever—you just have to get through today without doing that. Then tomorrow comes and you do it again.  

Forever is just too long. Never is just too hard. But today? Anyone can do today.

One day at a time is GENTLE.