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How We Live Our Lives

There is no deeper nor more challenging question that how we will live our lives.  It confronts us at a collective as well as an intimate level.

While we are waiting for the circumstances of our lives to match our expectations, life is waiting for us to release our expectations and realize the potential that exists today, regardless of our circumstances. This is never truer then when we are looking at our health—what makes us healthy.  If you want change—you must begin.

Dawna Markova, the author stated :  “Twenty years living with a life-threatening disease, cancer, brings me into daily conversations with my soul. My healing has depended upon these as much as they have on medical expertise. I think of cancer as a teacher that was not invited but has come to my house to visit from time to time nonetheless.  Any life-threatening crisis brings up issues of the purpose of one’s life and the passion we have to live.  Healing happens in a thousand, then thousand tiny, daily gestures.”

Remember, having good health is about choices, growth and change.  It’s about pushing through and moving forward.

We can design a lifestyle where healthy choices and wellness influence our everyday choices.