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Declutter Your Mind

“If you don’t know what to do with it, or where to put it, or why you ever bought it in the first place, or if looking at it depresses you, throw it out,”  say Leslie Raycraft my friend and CEO of Posh Organizing in Connecticut.

According to Gail Blanke, a personal life coach, here are 5 steps to lightening up.

  1. Get started by throwing out the physical stuff. Go through your drawers (especially in the kitchen), wallet, and purse and toss anything that clutters up your life.
  2. Examine your mental clutter. Mate a list of the old convictions, fears, negation assumptions, past challenges and depressing voices that with you down. Commit to letting them go.
  3. Add up the items on both your lists and keep going until they total 50 (Remember—magazines and catalogs count as only one thing.)
  4. Review your list of mental throwaways every morning for at least two weeks and recommit to eliminating them from your day-to-day thinking. At the end of every day, congratulate yourself on the progress, however slight, you’ve made. I bet you are feeling lighter already.
  5. Do it now!

Spring is here and it is time to lighten up.